Upcoming 9/22/2010

Welcome to my ultra-lazy look at this week’s ComicList. I have a head cold. Sue me. Here’s what looks particularly good to me:

What looks good to you?

15 Responses to Upcoming 9/22/2010

  1. Charles says:

    I’m not going to read it, but the cover for Bunny Drop is really cute.

  2. judi(togainunochi) says:

    I have Bunny Drop and House of Five Leaves on order. Waiting as I write. I don’t mind if you take a lazy look. 😀

  3. thirstygirl says:

    Both Bunny Drop and House of Five Leaves for me, and more impatient finger tapping as I wait for Viewfinder to come out.

  4. Eric Henwood-Greer says:

    The House of Five Leaves anime is gorgeous to look at, but leaves me feeling a bit detached or distanced fromt he characters and stories. But I might just give the manga a chance.

    Bunny Drop’s cover is too cute for words, but I prob won’t pick it up until I have more spending money during the holidays.

    And I admit, I have this feeling I SHOULD read Ax, but I think a part of me is worried I won’t really like any of it, and will feel foolish for feeling that way. Which has got to be the single lamest reason not to buy a book that I can think of…

    My copy of the complete French translation of Riyoko Ikeda’s Oniisama E (in one large Aizoubon format as Tres Cher Frere) just arrived today, so that should keep me busy for a decent while…

    • davidpwelsh says:

      You can read free chapters of House of Five Leaves over at the SigIKKI site. I think it may be my favorite of Ono’s works that are available in English, but I think I might also be disproportionately fascinated with her. I recognize that it’s a possibility, at least.

      I really loved the first volume of Bunny Drop. I was surprised at how much, to be honest.

  5. Jim says:

    It’s not mentioned in your post but… I would say that I’m more interested in volume 2 of Bokurano: Ours as far as SigIkki titles go. Even though my mind is not completely made up about this title, I’m still intrigued as to how the series will develop. Reading what has been said about it around the web is definitely keeping my expectations up.

    As for the Ax Anthology, I’m almost fit to explode with excitement from finally getting to hold it in my hands! Been looking forward to this for soooooo long!

    • davidpwelsh says:

      I have to say that I found the first volume of Bokurano: Ours a little too Mark Millar gritty for my tastes. It seemed a little too pleased with its own darkness.

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  7. CrispyF says:

    Bunny Drop! After tentatively buying the first one, knowing that the art would be exactly the sort which I don’t enjoy (no where near enough detail which always puts me off I’m afraid) I found the actual story to be thoroughly enjoyable and engaging.

    • davidpwelsh says:

      I’m not sure what the impetus was, but I’ve gone from wanting a huge amount of visual detail in my comics to being tolerant of more minimalist approaches. I still love crazy-detailed pages, though, like in Genshiken.

      • Eric Henwood-Greer says:

        Did you grow up with American comics first? Cuz I think that’s often part of it–mainstream American comics largely prize detail–those tiny panels are often crammed with full backgrounds, “realistic” features, etc. Of course indie comics often are even more minamilist than most manga, but…

  8. judi(togainunochi) says:

    You and I are both “disproportionately fascinated with her”. Ono that is.

  9. davidpwelsh says:


    I very much did grow up with American super-hero comics, and I was particularly smitten with artists like Buscema, Perez, and Neal Adams, all of whom didn’t skimp on the debris or the “realism.”

  10. Ahavah says:

    Bunny Drop 2…though I have to decide whether to buy it or wait ’till the library gets it, *if* the library gets it.

    I read the first volume via the library and was charmed by the bachelor-baby-boom plot. I can only hope the plot gets more intricate and character delving as the series goes on.

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