The Seinen Alphabet: J

“J” is for… well, not a whole lot, but…

Viz has published Jourmungand, written and illustrated by Keitaru Takahashi and originally serialized in Shogakukan’s Sunday GX.

The work of a number of spectacularly talented manga-ka is featured in Fanfare/Ponent Mon’s Japan as Viewed by 17 Creators, and many of them have created work for seinen magazines.

Araki Joh is well known for his libation-friendly manga series Bartender and Sommelier.

I would love it if someone published Iou Kuroda’s Japan Tengu Party Illustrated in English.

Also on the unlicensed front, Mitsuru Adachi’s Jinbē sounds like an interesting if tricky romance. It was originally published in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Original.

What starts with “J” in your seinen alphabet?

9 Responses to The Seinen Alphabet: J

  1. judi(togainunochi) says:

    I don’t have any “J” manga, but you mention two that I want very badly, Bartender and Sommelier. I would die of inebriated happiness. 😀

  2. Erica says:

    I love Jormungand.It’s very wrong to like a manga about arms dealers – and like the arms dealersin it – but I do anyway.

    • davidpwelsh says:

      Hey, if I can love manga about pirates and love the pirates in it, it’s not that much of a stretch to picture a world where I can feel the same way about arms dealer manga.

  3. DeBT says:

    What about Jirashin, aka: Ice Blade? Technically, you already mentioned it, but I felt it’d fit with your short list. It wasn’t my kind of thing, but if others like it, well.

    It was always the title I skipped the most back when Tokyopop was still called Mixx.

    • davidpwelsh says:

      If a comic has been published in English, I usually go with that and force myself to ignore the original Japanese title. But you make a good point. I just have arbitrary rules to save labor, such as it is.

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  5. davidpwelsh says:

    Judi: I’ll also just add, re Bartender, that it’s a manga that would be a sure-fire hit with Rachel Maddow, so there you go.

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