AXed transcript, part two

September 27, 2010

Here’s the second part of a transcript of a Twitter discussion on Top Shelf’s AX anthology of alternative manga held Friday, Sept. 24 and tracked by the hashtag #AXed.

Participants are:

  • MangaCur: Me
  • Debaoki: Deb (About.Com) Aoki
  • Snubpollard: Jog (Jog – the Blog) Mack
  • aicnanime: Scott (Ain’t it Cool News Anime) Green
  • remoteryan: Ryan (Same Hat!) Sands
  • And some pop-ins along the way. Thanks to Deb for assembling this transcript and for rounding up some AX-related links.

    I’m going to put this after the jump, because it’s really long and there are many spoilers along the way. So be warned! Also, be warned that I didn’t clean this transcript up, because it’s a Twitter conversation and I’m too lazy. I think it reads just fine as is. I did add some images, as I think it gives you a sense of the book’s scale and range.

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