You don’t know where that’s been

October 21, 2010

March Story (Viz), written by Hyung Min Kim and illustrated by Kyung-il Yang, does not lead with its best foot, in my opinion. It’s nominally in the “comeuppance theatre” category of storytelling in that it’s largely episodic and features terrible but avoidable things happening to guest stars with a protagonist swooping in to try and minimize the damage. But unlike my favorite examples of comeuppance theatre, bad things don’t happen to these people because they themselves are bad, but because they’re kind of dumb. I’m going to put the rest of this entry behind a jump, because it’s less of a review than a spoiler-filled, inexplicably obsessive discussion.

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Link of the day

October 21, 2010

My biggest disappointment in not being able to attend this year’s New York Comic-Con/Anime Festival came from the fact that I wouldn’t be able to attend the panel, “Gay for You? Yuri and Yaoi for GLBTQ Readers.” Thankfully, Deb (About.Com) Aoki has posted a transcript of the panel along with a list of recommended yaoi and yuri titles for that audience.

And just because I can’t read one of these lists without adding at least two cents worth of unsolicited input, I will suggest the addition of Only the Ring Finger Knows (DMP), written by Satoru Kannagi and illustrated by Hotaru Odagiri, especially for younger readers.