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Brigid (MangaBlog) Alverson points to this report at Anime News Network, announcing that “37 Japanese publishers are collaborating to set up a joint portal site” for their manga. It seems like the kind of thing that could be so monumental as to drive me to use otherwise loathed phrases like “game changer” and “paradigm shift.”

So instead of the usual Friday license request, I thought I’d throw open a discussion of what kinds of comics you’d like to see included in the initiative, which publishers you’re most eager to see participate, and whatever other responses you have to this news.

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  1. Mostly I hope to get older shoujo or josei works. And Touch and 7SEEDS. Someone in ANN’s thread mentioned that the publisher of the magazine that runs Natsume Ono’s BL is signed up, so that would be great, too!

    Mostly, I hope that they’ll package things a volume at a time as well as a chapter at a time. I want to be able to review them on my site, and if they’re packaged by volume that will be easier.

    • davidpwelsh says:

      I definitely hope there’s a decent representation of not-immediately-commercial material in the mix. I wouldn’t reasonably expect there to be a ton, but I would love it if some of that was side by side with the stuff one would expect.

      • Yeah, exactly! I mean, on ANN’s manga sales charts one always sees series that, for whatever reason, aren’t viable here. Even if they included those on the site as being among their better sellers, I would be extremely happy.

      • Er, I mean to say that they’re not viable here but are selling well in Japan. pPoi, Suki desu Suzuki-kun, etc.

  2. Rij says:

    Mostly I’m hoping that the content, whatever it will end up being, will be available globally not just in North America.

    Ichijinsha is listed as one of the publishers. I’d love to read more series from their Comic Zero-Sum magazine. Basically, I want more non-romance josei and shoujo.

    And seinen sports manga. Too little of that around.

    • davidpwelsh says:

      Real is pretty much the only seinen sports manga available in print in English, isn’t it? You’re right. That should be a growth area.

      • Rij says:

        There’s also Bamboo Blade, which is surpsisingly entertaining.

        A search on Baka-Updates turns up seven titles, a couple of which I’ve never heard about. I think Real and Bamboo Blade are the only ones of those in print.

        To save others the trouble of searching, the seven are:
        One Pound Gospel
        Bamboo Blade
        Bob and His Funky Crew (on SigIKKI, I should check this out)
        High School Exciting Story: TOUGH
        Project X: 204z Challengers

  3. Glass Mask, please, God, Glass Mask. No American company will ever license it, the Japanese companies keep frightening away the scanlators, this might be the only way I could legitimately read it, Glass Mask please please please…

    • davidpwelsh says:

      I would so love it if a few of those billion-volume classic shoujo titles (or shounen, for that matter) were made available through something like this. They might not make too much money off of them, but the good will would be incalculable.

      • DeBT says:

        I second Glass Mask as well, and the request for more Moto Hagio in the comment below. Also, any old-school Mangas worthy of a second look.

        Really, that was all I could think of when I saw this announcement. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I’m glad to see a few commenters with tastes similar to mine.

        I’ll repeat what another poster said. Another platform that could work would be if they made out-of-print Mangas that didn’t succeed the first time around, such as Firefighter Daigo!, Basara or Please Save my Earth. If they’re digital, that presents very little risk to themselves without having to go through a disastrous printing run.

        Now, the only question is how they’re going to distribute these Mangas. Knowing the Japanese, it’ll probably be something user-friendly that’ll work on multiple technological platforms rather than the messed-up American version which has yet to satisfy its customers.

        Or they could screw it up anyways. Not everything that goes through a portal is benevolent. The Sci-fi Horror movie, Event Horizon certainly proved that.

  4. Mixrel says:

    “BRING OUT THE HAGIO!!!”, is all I have to say.:)

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  6. Lorena says:

    I would love to read the end of Walkin’ Butterfly, published by Ohzora (one of the site’s partners). I got sucked into it via the first three volumes released by Aurora before it went bust. While I liked the story so-so, I had high hopes for the fourth and final volume.

    Otherwise, I just hope to read more josei titles.

  7. einhorn303 says:

    Since Akaneshinsha is involved, I’d like them to make digital English versions of Comic RIN and Comic LO, since they’re not feasible to sell in B&M stores or newstands.

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