License request day: Rainbow

I stumbled across this title while putting together this week’s letter in The Seinen Alphabet, and I felt the need to beg further, since it sounds really interesting. It’s called Rainbow: Risha Nokubo no Shichinin, written by George Abe and illustrated by Masasumi Kakizaki. Quoth Wikipedia:

“The story is set in the 1950s and focuses on six junior delinquents aged sixteen to seventeen that are sent to the Shōnan Special Reform School. They learn to cope with the atrocities and unfairness they encounter there.”

“The manga follows the boys’ lives during their time in the school and the years after they leave.”

A period piece that takes an unflinching look at the juvenile justice system and its consequences? It would be like printing money! Or maybe not, but why not dream big?

For another disadvantage, it’s 22 volumes long, having run for about 7 years in Shogakukan’s Young Sunday, until it was canceled, and then in Big Comic Spirits.

Blog of the North Star thought very highly of the anime, though it may not have garnered a massive audience. Still, there is an anime, and it was legally available on FUNimation, so that’s a point in its favor.

It shared 2006 Shogakukan Manga Award honors with Kaiiji Kawaguchi’s A Spirit in the Sun (Shogakukan), which sounds kind of like Forrest Gump with earthquakes. I could be wrong about that.

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  1. JennyN says:

    The French translation of Kawaguchi’s work (come on. You know there had to be one) adapts the original title as Spirit of the Sun i.e. of Japan, since Japan is the country of the sun goddess Amaterasu. There are indeed earthquakes, but not so far as I can see a marked resemblance to Forrest Gump. It looks intriguing, as does his WWII time-slip saga Zipang, but the trouble with Kawaguchi is that he doesn’t know when to *stop* – most of his manga are enormously long, developing multiple sub-plots and garnering the proverbial cast of thousands along the way. Eagle seems to be a partial exception, perhaps because an American presidential campaign is a process with a definite endpoint. And he’s very much about Men Doing What They Have To Do. All the same, he has the position and reputation he does for a reason, and his stuff’s definitely worth checking out.

    • davidpwelsh says:

      The only real resemblance I detected was “a bunch of huge events are viewed through the eyes of a resoundingly average guy.” And he is carrying a puppy on the cover, so that’s another point in its favor.

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  3. Oh, Zipang . . . Another series I want to learn Japanese to read. Rainbow looks intriguing, too, I must say. Thanks for once again making me long for the unattainable. 🙂

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