MMF: The One Piece Alphabet

In observance of the One Piece Manga Moveable Feast, I’m taking a week off from The Seinen Alphabet in favor of something a little more Straw Hatted. Without further ado, I give you the One Piece Alphabet…

A is for Ace, brother of Luffy
B is for Brook, so bony and scruffy

C is for Chopper, a reindeer and healer
D is for Devil Fruit, don’t need a peeler

E is for Eneru, omnipotent meanie
F is for Franky, cyborg in bikini

G is for Gold Roger, King Buccaneer
H is for Hamburg, a Foxy’s crew peer

I is for Islands, some just viewed in passin’
J is for Jabra, a world gov. assassin

K is for Kuro, a black-hearted zero
L is for Luffy, our rubber-limbed hero

M is for Merry Go, first ship of dreams
N is for Nami, who keeps charts and schemes

O is for Oda, creator of note
P is for Pirates, of whom Oda wrote

Q is for Doc Q., a Blackbeard cohort
R is for Robin, a sly, bookish sort

S is for Sanji, a cooking sensation
T is for Thousand Sunny, Franky’s creation

U is for Usopp, attacks while still distant
V is for Ms. Valentine, Baroques Works assistant

W is for Whitebeard, with mighty moustache
X is for X. Drake, his bounty’s big cash

Y is for Yasopp, left Usopp behind
Z is for Zolo, the swordsman defined.

10 Responses to MMF: The One Piece Alphabet

  1. This is great! I particularly love the rhyme of “omnipotent meanie” with “cyborg in bikini.” 🙂

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  3. khursten says:

    This is most adorable! >w<)

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  6. Aaron says:

    love it! nice work author.

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