One Piece MMF: Day Three Links

Lori (Manga Xanadu) Henderson looks at One Piece from both directions, reviewing the first four volumes at her home blog and looking at a part of a more recent story arc at Comics Village.

Ash (Experiments in Manga) Brown reviews the first volume, “Romance Dawn,” and concludes that “it would be worth pursuing some of the later books to see if it can capture my interest.”

ABCBTom continues to examine the “Baroque Works” arc, specifically “Vivi vs. Crocodile.”

If Nico Robin could be any kind of lantern, what kind of lantern would she be? Sam (A Life in Panels) Kusek has a theory and a sketch.

The Reverse Thieves mark the MMF again by re-posting their very entertaining podcast on the series.

And Daniella (All About Manga) Orihuela-Gruber discusses the obstacles of logistics, personal preferences other obstacles to entry in “November MMF: I didn’t read One Piece.”

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  2. […] Welsh reports in on day three of the One Piece Manga Moveable Feast, coupled with a timely announcement from ANN, reporting that the series has taken the top five […]

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