One Piece MMF: Day Six Links

I inexcusably missed this one yesterday, but Anna of Manga Report looks at some of Luffy’s brothers in comic-book stretchiness.

Ogiue Maniax explores “The ‘Limits’ of One Piece,” few though they may be.

Sam (A Life in Panels) Kusek asserts that you would like Zolo when he’s angry.

Eeeper’s Choice enters the world of One Piece via Arlong Park and is game for a return visit.

Jason (Playback.StL) Green sees the potential in “Romance Dawn.”

MikeyDPirate (One Piece at a Time) wonders how best to swell the ranks of One Piece fans.

animemiz discusses Color Walks at Anime Diet.

You thought Water Seven was sad? Take a look at Enies Lobby, ABCBTom says.

And I wonder why someone (Viz) hasn’t published Oa’s WANTED! Answer: there is no good reason, so get on that.

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