One Piece MMF: Day Seven Links

Johanna (Manga Worth Reading) Draper Carlson has it right: while yesterday was the last “official” day of the One Piece Manga Moveable Feast, I’m absolutely open to “appendix” round-ups if people didn’t quite get their pieces in by the wire. Now, on to the updates:

The Cat Demon Spirits ask, “Can One Piece be taken seriously?”

Sam (A Life in Panels) Kusek inexplicably passes on the opportunity to draw Sanji in a ridiculous lavender bikini.

ABCBTom crafts a pitch for new readers by practicing on the ABCBTom of days gone by.

Anna (Manga Report) considers the obstacles to entry through the prism of the first two volumes. Anna will be hosting the next Manga Moveable Feast, and she’ll release more details on that soon.

David (4thletter!) Brothers rounds up some of his reactions to the series, born of long experience with One Piece.

And I cobble together a gift guide featuring comics for boys that people who like One Piece might enjoy.

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  2. Connie says:

    I’m sliding in a bit late with my own contribution:

    Sorry for the tardiness.

    I am happy to see this has been one of the most diverse and fun-to-follow MMF yet. There’s just so much to talk about with One Piece!

  3. […] Lots of good reading in this month’s Manga Moveable Feast ( “where a bunch of bloggers write about a single title over the course of a week,” for those who have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about) on one of the greatest manga series you can find, One Piece. Don’t just take my word for it, check it out! [Primer] [Day 1] [Day 2] [Day 3] [Day 4] [Day 5] [Day 6] [Day 7] […]

  4. […] week’s Manga Moveable Feast, and host David Welsh rounds up all the links from days six and seven at The Manga Curmudgeon. David also files a license request for an earlier book by One Piece […]

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