One Piece MMF: Thanks, and farewell!

With more than 50 fresh blog posts generated over a seven-day period, the One Piece installment of the Manga Moveable Feast has reached its conclusion. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s contributions and how delighted I am that so many people took the time to chime in on the series with their own varied thoughts. I also appreciate all of the links to the various Manga Moveable Feast updates and articles.

Just to have them all in one place, here’s a list of the daily link updates:

  • Day One Links
  • Day Two Links
  • Day Three Links
  • Day Four Links
  • Day Five Links
  • Day Six Links
  • Day Seven Links
  • Appendix I
  • And for posterity’s sake, here are all of the Manga Moveable Feasts so far:

  • After School Nightmare (Go! Comi), hosted by Sean (A Case Suitable for Treatment) Gaffney
  • Paradise Kiss (Tokyopop), hosted by Michelle (Soliloquy in Blue) Smith
  • The Color Trilogy (First Second), hosted by Melinda (Manga Bookshelf) Beasi
  • To Terra… (Vertical), hosted by Kate (The Manga Critic) Dacey
  • Mushishi (Del Rey), hosted by Ed (Manga Worth Reading) Sizemore
  • Emma (CMX), hosted by Matt (Rocket Bomber) Blind
  • Sexy Voice and Robo (Viz), hosted by me
  • If you still have some unexpressed thoughts on the series, I’ll be doing the occasional appendix post this week for folks whose schedules didn’t allow them to get their thoughts posted during the “official” period.

    The next Manga Moveable Feast will be hosted by Anna at Manga Report. Watch that site for details!

    Update: The topic and dates for the next Manga Moveable Feast have been announced!

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