One Piece MMF: Appendix I

Here’s a round-up of some posts on One Piece that arrived shortly after the conclusion of the Manga Moveable Feast:

Jammer’s AniMovie Blog begins to unravel “The Threads of One Piece.”

Connie (Slightly Biased Manga) compares One Piece and Dragon Ball.

Sam (A Life in Panels) Kusek thinks Usopp looks a little jaundiced and asks you to vote for your favorite Straw Hat Lantern.

The gracious Ed (Manga Out Loud) Sizemore hosted a One Piece podcast with me, Erica (Okazu) Friedman and Sean (A Case Suitable for Treatment) Gaffney.


DeBT (Sunday Comics DeBT) marvels at the sometimes astonishing displays of violence in One Piece.

4 Responses to One Piece MMF: Appendix I

  1. DeBT says:

    I was going to wait until somebody linked to me, but it looks like I’ll have to toot my horn again. Shortly after the One Piece Manga Festival ended, I wrote a post about something that hadn’t been discussed on the other blogs: how declining property values isn’t a major concern in the One Piece world.

    I also wrote another entry about a French comic that could fight against Bakuman on its own terms. It takes awhile setting up and explaining the history before getting to the good part. Not to mention my French’s very rusty, and most of what I translated was due to babelfish and general guesswork. If I’ve gotten anything wrong, let me know.

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