Random Sunday question

If you could just pick one title for Kodansha to announce this afternoon, what would it be? My choice indicates a propensity for gluttony about a certain kind of manga. Perhaps two kinds of manga.

9 Responses to Random Sunday question

  1. Sailor Moon- with a brand spanking new honorifics-retaining translation. 🙂

  2. I have at least read Sailor Moon already—I bought the beautiful new anniversary editions and found text translations of the entire series—so while I do very much want a proper English edition of that series, I must agree that I want to read Kinou Nani Tabeta? more urgently.

  3. Tom Langston says:

    Ah, there’s a number of them from Morning & Afternoon magazines but if I had to pick one, it’d be Giant Killing.

  4. WANT.

    That is my response to your suggestion. I find I have nothing else to say.

  5. lys says:

    Kuragehime!! I am really really enjoying the anime, and I imagine the manga is even better!

  6. Travis McGee says:

    Sadly, to me the list of titles they’ve announced so far looks like mostly ho-hum shonen with anime tie-ins:


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