Go, vote: book about manga

January 12, 2010

I can’t believe we still don’t have a serious piece of popular scholarship dedicated to manga for girls and women. When such a tome is published, and if it’s any good, I’ll certainly vote for it in Deb Aoki’s Best Manga Book poll. In the meantime, I have no qualms voting for…

Go, vote: classic or reissued

January 11, 2010

It isn’t actually necessary to really love a comic to deeply admire the way it’s been presented. Case in point: my choice for Deb Aoki’s Best Classic or Reissued Manga poll:

I may have found the song lyrics unforgivably bad, but Dark Horse did a magnificent job on this book.

Go, vote: new one-shot

January 10, 2010

Deb Aoki isn’t making it easy on us with her 2009 manga polls. The latest is Best New One-Shot Manga, and my vote went to…

I could easily have voted for GoGo Monster, but I’ve already cast my ballot for that great book in another category.

Go, vote: new yaoi

January 9, 2010

Love is in the air over at About.Com, as Deb Aoki asks readers to pick the Best New Yaoi Manga. My pick…

… benefits from being written and drawn by est em and shepherded into English by Matt Thorn.

Go, vote: new all-ages manga

January 8, 2010

Deb Aoki’s newest manga poll asks what was the Best New All-Ages Manga. I chose…

… because it’s funny and adorable.

Go, vote: new manhwa, new global

January 7, 2010

The polls keep coming at About.Com. First up is the always hotly contested Best New International Manga, and my vote went to…

Next is Best New Korean Manhwa, and my ballot was cast for…

That doesn’t mean I’m not very fond of Time and Again (Yen Press), written and illustrated by JiUn Yun, which came in second and probably would have won my vote in a year when Mijeong hadn’t been published.

Go, vote: new comedy

January 6, 2010

There’s an element of schizophrenia in the latest new manga poll from Deb Aoki, Best New Comedy Manga, in that some are incredible comics and at least one is, by some trustworthy accounts, “odious.” Certainly some of the funniest manga of last year leap gleefully into the realm of bad taste and are funnier for doing so, and I might have had difficulty casting my vote had it not been for the candidacy of…

My favorite manga of 2009, hands down.

Go, vote: new seinen/josei drama

January 5, 2010

The latest of Deb Aoki’s reader’s polls is a tough one: Best New Seinen/Josei – Drama. The slate is a veritable embarrassment of riches, but I cast my vote for…

Speaking of that fine book, it leads Jog’s list of Top Ten Comics of 2009. And speaking of Jog, he ponders the various allures of Death Note in the latest installment of The Comics Reporter’s Holiday Interview series.

Go, vote: new shônen

January 3, 2010

Wasting no time, Deb Aoki has moved on to ask readers to pick the Best New Shônen Manga of 2009. My vote went to

It should be noted that I’m not a huge shônen fan, but I am a huge Takahashi fan, so my choice was pretty easy.

Go, vote: new shôjo

January 3, 2010

Deb Aoki has started this year’s round of best manga polls over at About.Com, asking readers to pick the Best New Shôjo Manga of 2009. My vote went to


came in a very, very, VERY close second.