One Piece MMF

This page will serve as a repository for links to the Manga Moveable Feast featuring Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece (Viz).

  • Announcing the next Manga Moveable Feast
  • Getting into One Piece
  • MMF: Setting sail
  • MMF: The One Piece Alphabet
  • MMF: Straw Hats, Assemble!
  • MMF: Wanted: WANTED!
  • MMF: The Great Shônen Manga Gift Guide for 2010
  • MMF: Thanks, and farewell!
  • ABCBTom:

  • Why One Piece?
  • What is shounen?
  • The Shounen Formula
  • One Piece‘s Formula
  • East Blue Arc
  • Baroque Works and Collective Action Problems
  • Baroque Works: Vivi vs. Crocodile
  • Skypiea and 4th Generation Warfare… in the Sky!
  • Water Seven: Wow, This is Dark!
  • Nico Robin, Goddess Extraordinaire
  • Enies Lobby, Ethics, and the Scapegoat
  • Pitch for New Readers
  • animemiz’s scribblings:

  • One Piece… of epicness and greatness… Waters 7 to Thriller Bark
  • November MMF: One Piece Color Walk… at Anime Diet
  • Anna (Manga Report):

  • Manga Moveable Feast: Stretchy Super Heroes
  • One Piece Volumes 1 and 2
  • David (4thletter!) Brothers:

  • One Piece: Doing the Math Before Setting Sail
  • Buckshot Blogging: On Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece
  • Ash (Experiments in Manga) Brown:

  • One Piece, Volume 1: Romance Dawn
  • Eeeper’s Choice:

  • MMF: One Piece by Eiichiro Oda Volumes 8-11 Review
  • Connie (Slightly Biased Manga):

  • MMF: Dragon Ball and One Piece: A Comparison
  • Kate (The Manga Critic) Dacey:

  • December MMF: 3 Reasons to Read One Piece
  • DeBT (Sunday Comics DeBT):

  • Building & Demolition… One Piece at a Time
  • Erica (Okazu) Friedman:

  • MMF: Un, Deux, Trois; the Friend’s Waltz in One Piece
  • Sean (A Case Suitable for Treatment) Gaffney:

  • MMF: One Piece
  • Jason (Playback.StL) Green:

  • One Piece Vol. 1: Romance Dawn (VIZ Media)
  • Lori (Manga Xanadu) Henderson:

  • Manga Movable Feast: One Piece Volumes 1-4
  • One Piece Volumes 43-45 at Comics Village
  • Manga Moveable Feast: Manga to Anime: One Piece
  • One Piece at Manga Village at Comics Village
  • Alexander (Manga Widget) Hoffman:

  • MMF: Why Start Now? Lessons from One Piece
  • Jammer’s AniMovie Blog:

  • The Threads of One Piece Part 1: The East Blue Saga
  • Sam (A Life in Panels) Kusek:

  • One Piece MMF: Introduction Piece, so you know what I’m up to…
  • In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night (Luffy D. Monkey’s Green Lantern)
  • To alleviate another’s suffering… (Tony Tony Chopper’s Indigo Tribe)
  • Hope is Selfless (Nico Robin’s Blue Lantern)
  • To truly live again *Spoiler Alert* (Franky’s White Lantern)
  • We crave your hearts and your demise *Spoilers* (Brook’s Black Lantern)
  • He who is greedy, is always in want (Nami’s Orange Lantern)
  • Anger is never without reason (Zolo’s Red Lantern)
  • Love is a temporary madness. (Sanji’s Star Sapphire)
  • Each time we face our fear…(Usopp’s Yellow Lantern)
  • Vote for your Favorite Straw Hat Lantern
  • Ogiue Maniax:

  • I Can’t Believe It All Stays Together: The “Limits” of One Piece
  • Rob (Panel Patter) McMonigal:

  • One Piece Volume 1
  • MikeyDPirate (One Piece at a Time):

  • Question Corner: How to get people into One Piece?
  • Evan (Ani-Gamers) Minto:

  • “MMF: One Piece – A Love Story in Two Acts”
  • Daniella (All About Manga) Orihuela-Gruber:

  • November MMF: I didn’t read One Piece
  • Khursten (Otaku Champloo) Santos:

  • #10 One Piece by Eiichiro Oda
  • Ed (Manga Worth Reading, Manga Out Loud) Sizemore:

  • When Holy Fools Become Pirates: What Makes One Piece So Appealing
  • Episode #24- One Piece MMF with David Welsh, Erica Friedman, & Sean Gaffney (Spoilers Alert!)
  • Cat Demon Spirits:

  • MMF: Can One Piece be taken seriously?
  • Reverse Thieves:

  • One Piece: Nakama are Stronger than Justice
  • REPOST: The Speakeasy One Piece Podcast
  • 28 Responses to One Piece MMF

    1. […] Feast…and yay what a giant this is. This month’s MMF is once again hosted by David Welsh of The Manga Curmudegeon. He also writes a post that links up to past MMF’s which I had participated in four of […]

    2. […] If you want to read more about the One Piece Manga Moveable Feast, however, I suggest looking elsewhere. […]

    3. […] month, the Manga Moveable Feast (or MMF) focuses on Eiichiro Oda’s smash-hit shōnen manga series One Piece, and since I […]

    4. […] Welsh is running the One Piece Manga Movable Feast this month, and he asked me to take a look at “Baroque Works,” an arc in One Piece. I […]

    5. […] December 3, 2010 in adventures in oranda, anime, manga | Tags: manga moveable feast, one piece Note: This post is part of the Manga Moveable Feast. […]

    6. […] the week of One Piece on MMF draws to a close. I find myself inspired to at least get out another article for this week of […]

    7. […] Feast is proceeding apace this week, with David Welsh of Manga Curmudgeon hosting discussions of the month’s subject, One Piece. Alas, since I’ve been some combination of busy and sick, I won’t be able to […]

    8. N says:

      Hey, I posted an MMF post on Wednesday, and it hasn’t been linked! WHAT THE HECK?

      • davidpwelsh says:

        Sorry about that! I’ve been finding them either because people mentioned them on Twitter, linked back to an article here, or emailed me about them, so this one slipped by me.

    9. […] This morning started out with David Welsh of Manga Curmudgeon posting his One Piece MMF/Great Manga Gift guide crossover, the MMF: The Great Shounen Manga Gift Guide for 2010. For his gift guide, David kept in mind One Piece lovers, but recommended different shounen manga that would satisfy similar tastes. (And then added a few recommendations that didn’t have much to do with One Piece at all.) For more MMF goodness happening this month, check out his blog. […]

    10. […] should have mentioned this before now — but while today was technically the close of the One Piece Manga Moveable Feast, I hear that host David Welsh will accept entries a bit […]

    11. […] Piece! Manga Movable Feast! I could do an essay, but I think this will let me hit more of what I enjoy about the series so […]

    12. […] Manga Moveable Feast this month is a celebration of all things One Piece, which is something I can definitely get on […]

    13. […] Manga Moveable Feast this month is a celebration of all things One Piece, which is something I can definitely get on […]

    14. […] Welsh of Manga Curmudgeon. You can read the intro post here, and the archive of all the participants here. And there are a lot of posts to read, covering a wide range of topics, including not […]

    15. […] at The Manga Curmudgeon, David Welsh is hosting a week-long celebration of One Piece, one of the all-time best-selling shonen (boys’) manga in Japan. Among the notable […]

    16. Ian says:

      This specific blog post, “One Piece MMF The Manga Curmudgeon” reveals
      the fact that you really fully understand exactly what u r speaking about!
      I personally totally am in agreement. With thanks -Humberto

    17. Preston says:

      Your posting, “One Piece MMF | The Manga Curmudgeon”
      99translations ended up being well worth commenting on! Simply just desired
      to mention you did a terrific work. Thanks -Anton

    18. […] Piece. David Welsh of The Manga Curmudgeon is hosting, so check out his post Setting Sail and the updating index. I’ll be posting a review of the first volume, Romance Dawn, later this week. This will be […]

    19. […] there are plans to purchase more of the books. I was happy when One Piece was selected for the Manga Moveable Feast because it gave me an excuse to finally get around to reading a well-loved series that I’ve […]

    20. […] week was the One Piece Manga Moveable Feast. This was the first time I was able to participate in the Manga Moveable Feast and for my part I […]

    21. […] episode of the Manga Out Loud podcast devoted to the series. The Manga Curmudgeon, as the host, is keeping track of everything still trickling in. As for me, I posted Part 5 of my Library Love series. I do apologize for it […]

    22. […] Dawn, the first volume of the One Piece manga, but I saw so much love for the series during the Manga Moveable Feast that I haven’t given up on it yet. It only took me a few episodes of the anime to get me […]

    23. your web is the best 🙂

    24. […] Piece! Manga Movable Feast! I could do an essay, but I think this will let me hit more of what I enjoy about the series so […]

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